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How To Get MATIC on Polygon

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get yourself some MATIC to mint a Savior of the Sea NFT!

Please note: you CAN purchase MATIC directly on the Polygon chain using sites such as Binance and MoonPay, however I’ve had mixed results with these platforms. Binance will lock your assets for 10 days before you can transfer, and MoonPay restricts their services based on your physical location.

As a result, we are going to walk through how to bridge your assets to Polygon — remember to have some ETH in your wallet to pay gas on TWO transactions!

More of a visual learner? Check out the YouTube video here:

** Note: Zapper.Fi made some minor changes to their website — sometimes you can’t bridge AND convert at the same time! If you don’t have the option to receive MATIC when bridging, watch the last minute of the video for a workaround.

Prefer Polygon’s Web Wallet? Try that one out here:

Step-by-Step Guide

1) Check what network you’re on

The first step is to verify that you’re not already on the Polygon network!

Open up your MetaMask wallet and look along the top of the page:

If you see a green bubble with the words “Main Ethereum Network” or “Ethereum Mainnet“, then tap the dropdown and look for the “Polygon Network” option, if it’s there. If not, no worries! We’ll get it set up.

If you don’t have this option, continue on to Step 2.

If you do — Hooray! Continue on with Step 3.

2) Adding the Polygon Network to your Wallet (If not already connected)

Within MetaMask, open up Settings and look for the Networks tab.

When prompted, enter the following information:

For copy and pasting purposes:

Network Name:Polygon Mainnet
Chain ID137

Voila! You’re now on the Polygon network!

3) Make Sure You Have Crypto!

The third step is to make sure you have Crypto to transfer over!

You can swap ETH or MATIC — Zapper will do the conversion for you to keep it easy.

We would recommend buying some ETH, since you’ll have to pay gas to convert the tokens over to Polygon! Buy more than you think you need — Ethereum gas price can be expensive, AND you have to account for the Saviors of the Sea NFT you’re trying to buy.

Shoot for around $215 USD per Savior that you’re trying to buy (it will likely be less, but just to be safe!). Gas is a one-time payment, so the more you transfer at once, the more you save!

If you don’t have any Crypto, head over to Kraken or Coinbase and buy some ETH on the exchange, then transfer it to your MetaMask Wallet.

To transfer, find the “Withdrawal” option on Coinbase or Kraken, and when prompted for an address, use your MetaMask address, found on the MetaMask popup or the MetaMask app here:

4A) Bridge to Polygon with Zapper

After you’ve purchased some Crypto and transferred it to your MetaMask account, you’re ready for the final step — bridging.

First, make sure you have a little bit of ETH in your wallet to cover any gas fees! It requires 2 transactions to transfer MATIC over to Polygon.

Open a browser and go to – that’s the bridge we’re going to use to transfer our MATIC over to Polygon.

On the main screen, you’ll see a big purple button that says “Connect Wallet” — click it and choose the MetaMask option (or wherever you have your Crypto — we strongly recommend MetaMask, since our site doesn’t support all wallets!).

Once your wallet is connected, make sure that you’re transferring FROM Ethereum and over TO Polygon!

Then, select the currency that you have in your wallet for the token to SEND, and MATIC to RECEIVE — it will convert your Crypto over into MATIC, and send it to Polygon!

Remember — you need to make sure that you have enough MATIC to buy a Savior of the Sea NFT, plus a little gas! We recommend at least 78.5 MATIC so you can have a little extra for gas. (Gas is waaaaay cheaper on Polygon — isn’t it great?!)

Hit the purple CONFIRM button at the bottom of the screen, and you’ll need to approve two (2!) transactions for the transfer to take place.

Once all is said and done, you’ll see your new MATIC in your Polygon wallet! Switch to the Polygon network and check it out!

Now for the fun part: Minting your Saviors!! Jump ahead to Step 5 to see how!

4B) Bridge to Polygon with Polygon Web Wallet

** WARNING ** Make sure you follow ALL of the steps below! MATIC on the Ethereum network is NOT the same as MATIC on the Polygon network — you need to bridge your MATIC over to use it!

After you’ve purchased some MATIC and transferred it to your MetaMask account, you’re ready for the final step — bridging.

First, make sure you have a little bit of ETH in your wallet to cover any gas fees! It requires 2 transactions to transfer your MATIC over to Polygon.

Then, head over to and log in with your MetaMask account.

Open the Polygon Wallet page:

On the Polygon Wallet home screen, press the “Move Funds from Ethereum to Polygon” button to move your MATIC over:

Select MATIC for your token, type in the amount you want in the box beside the MATIC token, and press Transfer at the bottom:

Approve the transactions, and you’ll see the MATIC has successfully made its way over to your MetaMask wallet on the Polygon chain! Congrats, you’re ready to mint! 🎉

5) Buying a Saviors of the Sea NFT

To purchase a Saviors of the Sea NFT, head over to the Projects page and scroll down to where you see the CONNECT button.

Press the CONNECT button and make sure you’re on the Polygon network with your new MATIC tokens!

Then, use the + arrow to increase the number of Saviors of the Sea NFTs that you’d like to buy. Each Savior is worth 77.77 MATIC.

Finally, when you’re ready to purchase, hit the big green MINT button, and await a confirmation window of your purchase! You’ll be able to see your brand new Savior within just a few minutes on OpenSea.

Welcome to the Saviors of the Sea community! We’re so excited to have you — together, let’s #SaveTheSea!

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