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Revolutionizing Web3 for Sustainability.

$25k / $100k Donated to the Earth


Mission-Driven NFT Projects

Sustainable Marketplace


Climate Tech Investing


We Are Creators.

We develop carbon-neutral environmentally-themed NFT projects that work to directly combat one of the world’s many climate or sustainability issues.

We Are Investors.

We are using our innovative fundraising methods to create a “Save the World” seed fund for Climate Tech startups.

We Are Team Players.

Our VZN Marketplace is home to sustainably produced or mission-driven goods, clothes, physical art, NFTs, etc. The Marketplace will revolve around $VZN, our internal token automatically generated from VZN-produced NFTs. Each transaction on the Marketplace equates to one or more trees planted depending on the amount of $VZN used.

Help Us Change the World.

We’ve only got one Earth – Let’s make sure it’s around for years to come.